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Business Lessons From My 16 Year Old Self

by Amanda Johnstone, Founder of The Interluxe. I was recently asked in an interview what advice I would give to my 16 year old self. I replied: "I wouldn't give any advice, I'd take advice from my 16 year old self. At 16 I was fearless." At 16 … [Read More...]

Vintage Hermès Scarves Morphed Into Homewares

 Miami based home accessories designer Monica Fittipald is turning her incredible collection of Hermès scarves into one-of-a-kind cushions for the home. Each come with authenticity card from the original scarf and are priced between us$1100 - $1300 … [Read More...]

Client Launch: + Gypset Travel

The Interluxe were delighted to work with TV personality, Laura Csortan on the overall brand development and roll out of her new web portal, The strategy encompassed a two prong approach; 1 - to showcase Laura and her global … [Read More...]

The Twitter Documentary: Project #LIVE

"Fortune will favour the bold. Fortune will favour the brands, the people, the writers, the directors, the crafts men and women who can obviously embrace this..." Twitter Documentary: Project #LIVE (trailer) from TwitterHQ on Vimeo. … [Read More...]

Advertising On Facebook? Read This First

Have you tried to do a promoted post on Facebook but your advertisement didn't get approved? Have you geared up your business to launch a sale online only for your beautiful Facebook ad to not go live? Well you are not the only one. Did you know … [Read More...]

Embed Your Spotify Playlist On Your Website

Love Spotify? So do we! Did you know that Spotify allows you to embed your own personalized playlist, or individual song on your website? It's called Spotify Play and it's as easy as 1,2,3! Talk about a throwback to Myspace days. At The Interluxe … [Read More...]

Uber Now Valued at AU$18 Billion

Words via Blog: We have some exciting news to share this morning. We have just closed a financing round with some of the leading investors in the world, raising $1.2B of primary capital at a $17B pre-money valuation. The total raise will be … [Read More...]

Client Testimonial: Fairfax

"The launch was a huge success, well done! You did a great job. I saw some photos in S Mag a couple of Sundays ago and they looked great - plenty of gorgeous people. Thank you for all your help with this event and the PR." - JENNIFER VALCIUKAS, … [Read More...]

Mink Make Up Printer

Every girls dream has now come true with this 3D makeup printing technology by Harvard Graduate and serial inventor Grace Choi. The Mink will ‘take out the bull s***’ from the beauty industry. Big make-up companies take the pigment and the … [Read More...]

Facebook Buy Whatsapp.. And What It All Means

It's the deal of the year all of the savvy entrepreneurs had been watching closely, and now we reveal the top 5 reasons why this $19 billion dollar deal has made history. 1) The Co-Founder Brian Acton was turned down for jobs by Facebook AND … [Read More...]

Spotify X Coachella #WeWereThere

For the month of April, the average temperature in Indio, Calif., the locale for the 16th annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, hovers around 90 degrees F. Hoofing it between stages and across 90-acre-plus polo fields for hours upon … [Read More...]

Quote of the Day

Love your quotes? Need some inspiration? Head over to our instagram page for your daily download. Click here to be redirected. … [Read More...]

Monaco Yacht Show 2014 To Feature 118 Superyachts

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show, the world’s largest showcase of super and megayachts afloat, will be the biggest ever with expanded exhibition area and berthing for 118 superyachts. “The demand for space at MYS has always been a challenge for … [Read More...]

And Man Will Fly… The Martin Jetpack

After three decades in the making, Glenn Martin is finally ready for liftoff, literally. Today, the 12th prototype Martin Jetpack has a V4 200 horsepower engine that drives two ducted fans. It has been flown to almost 1000 metres and can travel at … [Read More...]

Client Testimonial: Heidi Houghting

    "Amanda is one of the most professional, enthusiastic and motivated people I have met in this industry, she is affable, vivacious and brimming with ideas and positivity, her philanthropic values and ethical principles means … [Read More...]

The Lamborghini 4WD Set To Go On Sale in 2017

The Suv/4WD luxury market is currently dominated by  Land Rover's Range Rover. However hot on it's tail is Bentley, Aston Martin and now Lamborghini. Lamborghini has confirmed that its Urus SUV concept, which was introduced at the Bejing Auto Show … [Read More...]

Pharrell Makes Us Happy

For his newest single Happy, rapper and music producer Pharrell Williams set the bar high and released the world’s first 24-hour video, called 24 Hours Of Happy, which is featured on a made-to-measure website. “None of us are perfect, but we’re all … [Read More...]

Client Testimonial: Genevieve Clay

"Amanda Johnstone's professionalism, passion, humanitarianism and integrity is an incredible combination which has ensured that I've felt taken care of in an industry where there are so many out there who can take advantage of others. Her heart for … [Read More...]

Pantone Colour of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global authority, recently announced PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014. “While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served … [Read More...]

Do you UBER?

An all time favourite of the interluxe, the team were absolutely ecstatic to hear of the arrival of UBER in Australia earlier this year. Uber an offers on demand hire car service - so you are welcomed to skip the lines and select a standard … [Read More...]

Men’s Style Magazine – Men of Style 2013

We were delighted to attend Men’s Style magazine’s Men of Style event (coinciding with their 10th birthday edition celebrations) held at the Ivy Penthouse on Tuesday 10th of September, 2013. Guests including Megan Gale, Laura Dundovic, Nikki … [Read More...]

5 Websites We Visit Daily

for inspiration, growth and universal knowledge: for all of our retail therapy!: for fashion and cultural updates straight from the source: to all our tech news: to plan our next … [Read More...]

Weekend Brunch in Byron Bay, New York?

Weekend brunch is on the menu for all of those escaping a getaway from new york city this summer. Head up to montauk, beyond the hamptons - new york state, to spend a night (or a week) at the infamous surf lodge. Under new management, the surf … [Read More...]

Day Spa Delight

The team at the interluxe present you with just a handful of our favorite spa destinations from around the globe: armani spa at armani hotel milano - we recommend the fluidita texture body wrap. lime underwater spa, huvafen fushi, maldives … [Read More...]